What We Stand For

Meaningful Designs

If ever there was a time where self-expression was thriving, it’s now. Our culture is both thriving and struggling at the same time. We want to raise the vibration among the masses, encouraging self-care, compassion, mindfulness and gratitude. After all, gratitude may just be the magical unicorn our culture needs—it really has the power to cause dramatic change.

Some of our designs are blunt, brusque or raw, but we promise they'll never be demeaning or negative. They might make someone stop in their tracks, perhaps incite an emotion, either good or bad, and open a conversation. But, above all, they are meant to do good. To encourage, to show pride, to send a message that someone needs to see.

Ethically Sourced Fabric

yellow fabric

There’s loads to consider when choosing fabrics and styles. It needs to be affordable AND comfortable. But it also needs to be ethical and sustainable. We have a strict no sweatshop policy, even if that means our costs are a bit higher.

Profits to Charity 

We have two missions...

Raise the frequency overall. 

Bring more awareness to mindfulness, being compassionate and being good neighbors.

Make a difference for those in need. 

We’re biased towards charities focused on mental health & wellness, food insecurity and children’s health & safety. Have a charity we should check out? We’d love to hear about it, email us at info@lotuswarrior.co

We use ethically and sustainable materials from trusted vendors
and suppliers to delivery a premium piece of clothing to you. The designs on
our apparel are created by us right here in sunny San Diego where we are
headquartered. Each purchase helps support charities doing important work to
help our communities deal with mental health challenges and keep kids safe.

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