Ambassador Program Accepted

Yes, you’re part of the Warrior Crew now! We’re so glad you’re joining us to help make the world a better place, and look great doing it!

We want your post to be as authentic as you are, so we only have 2 simple rules to follow:

  1. Make sure to tag our account when you post! @LotusWarriorOfficial
  2. No disrespectful or overly negative posts featuring Lotus Warrior

Looking for a few talking points to include?

  • Look good, feel good while doing good
  • Lotus Warrior donates profits to charities supporting mental health and anti-bullying
  • We’re a new brand, but are hoping to make a big difference, which starts with you!
  • We look for soft and affordable fabrics. No scratchy shirts here!
  • Where possible, we also source sustainable and organic materials
  • We carry styles for women and men, or whatever you identify as!
  • We’ve got tanks, tees and hoodies
  • Our goal is to spread the message of gratitude and encourage others to be more mindful and better versions of themselves so they can be better humans to everyone else.

We use ethically and sustainable materials from trusted vendors
and suppliers to delivery a premium piece of clothing to you. The designs on
our apparel are created by us right here in sunny San Diego where we are
headquartered. Each purchase helps support charities doing important work to
help our communities deal with mental health challenges and keep kids safe.

Explore all of our collections from tees and crop tops to